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Letardi P., Cozzolino D. Contact-Probe EIS Characterisation of Protective Coating Systems for OUTDOOR Bronze Sculpture: Atmospheric Weathering Behaviour in Marine Environment. In: Frontiers in Corrosion Science and Technology: 15th International Corrosion Congress (Granada, Spain, 22-27 September 2002). Proceedings, pp. 538-1 - 538-6. International Corrosion Council on CD-ROM, 2002.
The behaviour of six protective coating systems, widely applied in conservation practice, is under test: three microcrystalline waxes, one organic coating and two double-layer systems. Polished coupons of a cast bronze (Cu 90%, Sn 8%, Pb 2%) both unprotected and coated with the selected protective systems have been exposed to natural weathering in an urban marine environment (ICMM exposure site inside the Harbour). In parallel properly selected areas of a bronze monument ("Monumento ai Mille" by E.Baroni, 1910) placed just in front of the sea, not far from the ICMM exposure site, have been restored and treaded with the same protective systems. Several analytical techniques have been used to characterise patinas and coatings. Among others, a specially designed contact-probe Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measurement method is used to characterise and compare the protective performances with weathering both on coupons and on the monument. Data obtained with the contact probe EIS on untreated and coated samples are summarised, and peculiar topics relevant for conservation application are addressed. Relevant requirements for coatings laboratory studies are enlighten which applies to the conservation field.
Subject wax coatings
bronze corrosion monitoring
electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
atmospheric corrosion

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