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Mertzanis &., Marabini F., Angeli M. G., Stanica A., Galvani A., Gasparetto P., Pontoni F. Sediment transfer and geomorphological evolution in river systems & coastal zones in Italy, Romania and Greece. In: L'antica cartografia cinese e l'integrazione con la cartografia occidentale (Bologna, 22-23 ottobre 2012). Atti, pp. 172 - 180. Galvani, Adriana (eds.). Giraldi Editore, 2013.
: In many Mediterranean coastal areas, has been observed that human activities-engineering works, such as large dams and reservoirs construction (hydroelectric power dams, irrigation dams and water supply dams), channelization (drainage pits and drainage dams, deepening and creation of canals), arrangement and redirection of the main beds of rivers and torrents, construction of jetties in the coastal zone and anti-erosion works (water breakers, large concrete rocks, etc.), motorway and railway line in operation or under construction, as well as other human interventions and activities (sand extraction from river beds, intensifi cation and development of agriculture projects and industrialization, infrastructure works, embankments, exsiccation, deforestation, etc.), may seriously affect the sediment transfer and the environmental balance of inland and coastal environments (wetlands, lagoons, Deltas, estuaries and coastal areas). This work deals with the comparative account and evaluation of the impact to the environment and especially the changes to the sediment transfer and geomorphological evolution in river systems & coastal zones in Italy (northern Adriatic coastal zone), Romania (Danube river Delta) and Greece (Nestos and Spercheios river Delta, Western Peloponnesian coastal zone) caused by the human activity.
Subject Coastal environment; Danube river; human activities; dams; environmental impacts; Nestos river; river sediments; Spercheios river.

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