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Bergami C., Capotondi L., Salvagio Manta D., Sprovieri M., Vigliotti L. IONIAN SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE DURING THE SAPROPEL S1 DEPOSITION INFERRED FROM PLANKTONIC FORAMINIFERAL Mg/Ca AND δ18O. In: Alpine and Mediterranean Quaternary, vol. 26 (1) pp. 5 - 14. AIQUA - Associazione Italiana per lo Studio del Quaternario e EMMEVI - Servizio Congressi SPA. - Via Marchesi 26 D - 43100 Parma, 2013.
Temperature variations during the Holocene sapropel S1 has been investigated by means of a multiproxy study on core ET99-M11 collected in the western Ionian Sea at a water depth of 2800 m. Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) reconstruction has been made by measuring oxygen stable isotopes (δ 18 O) and Mg/Ca ratios on the planktonic foraminifers Globigerinoides ruber and Globigerina bulloides. Results indicate that the investigated interval was characterized by water temperature increase, both at surface and in the sub-surface layers. Paleotemperature reconstruction based on Mg/Ca ratios shows higher temperature values during the two sub-units (S1a and S1b) of the sapropel S1, and lower during the sapropel interruption, the latter being synchronous to the well known 8.2 cold event. In addition, a number of several short-term cold oscillations which can be correlated with millennial scale climate events in the North Atlan- tic region is evidenced. This indicates a possible atmospheric connection between the Central Mediterranean and the North Atlantic re- gion and the strong relation between climate and oceanographic changes during the sapropel deposition.
URL: http://amq.aiqua.it/en/component/joomd/directory/items/view/ionian-sea-surface-temperature-during-the-sapropel-s1-deposition-inferred-from-planktonic-foraminiferal-mgca-and-18o
Subject sapropel S1, planktonic foraminifera, paleotemperature, Central Mediterranean, Mg/Ca.

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