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Sprovieri M., Ferraro L., Lirer F., Vallefuoco M., Capotondi L., Cascella A., Petrosino P., Insinga D., Pelosi N., Tamburrino S., Lubritto C. An Eastern Tyrrhenian marine sedimentary archive of high-resolution late Quaternary climate changes. In: Clima del Bacino del Mediterraneo negli ultimi 12mila anni (Roma -, 17 ottobre 2011). Atti, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, 2011.
We present a high-resolution record of marine sediments from the eastern margin of the Tyrrhenian sea for the late Quaternary-Holocene which combines geochemical, physical and biological information in a multi-proxy generated time framework (calcareous plankton ecobiostratigraphy, oxygen isotope stratigraphy, 210Pb and 137Cs, AMS 14C and tephrostratigraphy). Evidence of the most relevant climatic events reported for the last ~15,000 years and direct correlation with solar activity estimated from NGRIP and GISP 14C records offer a first-order knowledge of climate-ocean dynamics and trophic responses of the Mediterranean sea during the late Quaternary and Holocene. Mass balance calculations applied to the collected 18OG.ruber record, constrained in terms of sea surface temperatures by data reported by Di Donato et al. (2010) from a coeval close sedimentary record, provided new insights on secular changes in hydrological regimes and evaporation/precipitation budgetof the Tyrrhenian sea during the late Quaternary and during key intervals of the Holocene.
URL: http://www.springer.com/environment/journal/12210
Subject Eastern Tyrrhenian
Quaternary climate change
marine sedimentary archive
sedimentary record

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