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Mertzanis A., Kosmas S., Papadopoulos A., Kosmas A., Marabini F. Methods & Techniques for the Anti-erosion and anti-flooding protection in mountainous drainage basins in evrytania (Greece). In: China-Italy Bilateral Symposium on the Coastal zone and continental shelf evolution trend (ISMAR UOS di Bologna, 5-8 October 2010). Proceedings, pp. 220 - 225. Maurizio Barazutti, Francesco Marabini (eds.). Albisani Editore, 2010.
The object of this study is to depict and evaluate the methods and techniques implemented or scheduled for the anti-erosion - anti-flooding protection in mountainous drainage basins in Evrytania, which exhibit intense erosion phenomena and constitute a danger of flooding for the downstream areas. Among these areas are also inhabited areas, such the town of Karpenisi, and for this reason the optimum way of management of these drainage basins constitutes an important element for the development of the town and also for the "sustainability" of the greater area (Evrytania, Greece).
Subject Anti-erosion and anti-flooding protection, mountainous drainage basins, evrytania, greece

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