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Barazutti M., Marabini F., Nardino M., Georgiadis T. The role of coastal urbanisation in enhancing turbulence and land-sea breeze. In: China Italy Bilateral Symposium on the coastal zone and continental shelf evolution trend (Bologna, 5-8 October 2010). Proceedings, pp. 28 - 37. Marabini Francesco, Maurizio Barazutti (eds.). Albisani Editore, 2010.
Recent increasing urbanisation phenomena it is expected will alter the morphology and texture of wide territories leading to a strong changes in the materials, from natural to man-made, at the surface. This land-use change can strongly affects the energy partition of the solar radiation substantially increasing the intensity of the sensible heat flux (along with the anthropogenic heat contribution). The sites which present local anemological circulation, such as the breeze regimes, can result more sensible to enhanced turbulence, and environmental impacts must be taking into account when considering managing plans for residential or touristic populations.
Subject coastal urbanisation, land-sea breeze, enhancing turbolence

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