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Maiorano P., Capotondi L., Ciaranfi N., Girone A., Lirer F., Marino M., Pelosi N., Petrosino P., Piscitelli A. Vrica-Crotone and Montalbano Jonico sections:A potential unit-stratotype of the Calabrian Stage. In: Episodes, vol. 33 (4) pp. 218 - 233. NT UNION GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES. C/O ACAD GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 6 BAIWANZHUANG RD, PO BOX 823, BEIJING 100037, PEOPLES R CHINA, 2010.
A unique composite record from the Mediterranean area exposed on land and spanning the entire time interval of the Calabrian Stage is presented. The record is composed of the Vrica-Crotone section Calabria, southern Italy) and the Montalbano Jonico section (Basilicata, southern Italy). The Vrica-Crotone section contains the proposed Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) of the Calabrian Stage and extends from Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 65 to 37 for its Calabrian portion. The Montalbano Jonico section extends from MIS 37 to 17-16. Its upper portion contains MIS 19, which is known to occur close to the Matuyama/Brunhes reversal, and may represent a suitable horizon for the definition of the GSSP of the 'Ionian' Stage. Both sections are astronomically tuned, thus providing accurate ages for the bioevents. New biostratigraphic results and radiometric data on volcaniclastic layer V3 of the Montalbano Jonico section are presented together with an updated tuning of the section. A comparison with several Mediterranean and north Atlantic deep-sea cores is also shown to verify the consistency andreliability of the biostratigraphic data. The Vrica-Crotone and Montalbano Jonico sections can be considered a suitable composite record for the Calabrian unit-stratotype and support the revaluation of the unit-stratotype concept in addition to the GSSP approach.
Subject Montalbano Jonico
composite record
Global Stratotype Section

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