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Mifsud C., Taviani M., StÍhr S. Remarks on Echinodermata from the South Central Mediterranean Sea based upon collections made during the MARCOS cruise (10 to 20th April, 2007). In: MEDITERRANEAN MARINE SCIENCE, vol. 10 (2) pp. 63 - 71. Hellenic Centre for Marine Research Library, Documentation and Information Centre 46.7th km. Athens-Sounion Ave. P.O. Box 712, P.C. 19013 Anavyssos Attiki Greece Tel.: +30 2291076321 Fax.: +30 2291076321 E-mail: library@ath.hcmr.gr, 2009.
The MARCOS cruise, which took place in the South Central Mediterranean Sea on board the RV 'Urania'. resulted in the collection of 27 species of Echinodermata from shallow to bathyal depths, many from around Malta (the Fisheries Management Zone). The fauna is represented by common to rare tara already reported from the Mediterranean with the exception of the amphi-Atlantic ophiuroid Ophiotreta valenciennesi rufescens (Koehler, 1896), recorded from the Mediterranean Basin for the first time. Odontaster mediterraneus (von Marenzeller, 1893) and Luidia sarsi Lutken, 1858 are also first records for the Maltese Islands.
URL: http://www.medit-mar-sc.net/files/200912/08-130602Medit.Mar.Sci.Vol10_numb2_Dec2009_pp4-61_BORG_346.pdf
Subject Echinodermata
South Central Mediterranean Sea
Maltese Islands

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