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Di Bucci D., Ridente D., Fracassi U., Trincardi F., Valensise G. Marine palaeoseismology from very high resolution seismic imaging: the Gondola Fault Zone (Adriatic foreland). In: Terra Nova, vol. 21 (5) pp. 393 - 400. Wiley-blackwell Publishing, Inc, 2009.
We present a marine palaeoseismology analysis of a dense network of very high resolution seismic profiles along the Gondola Fault Zone (GFZ), a right-lateral, EW-striking, active fault system in the Adriatic foreland. This case-study aims to show how time and space variations in the activity of a dominantly right-lateral fault system can be assessed using the vertical component of slip. The GFZ has been investigated for a length of 50 km. It includes two parallel subvertical fault sets and two main anticlines. The late Middle Pleistocene to Holocene vertical component of displacement along the fault is bell-shaped, suggesting that in the long-term the fault zone acts as a single, kinematically coherent structure. Slip rates are 00.18 mm a−1 and vary temporally on individual segments. This variability is consistent with a model in which individual fault segments rupture independently during earthquakes with magnitudes up to 6.4 and 1.31.8 ka recurrence intervals.
DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-3121.2009.00895.x
Subject mattinata fault

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