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Ducassou E., Mulder T., Migeon S., Gonthier E., Murat A., Revel M., Capotondi L., Bernasconi S. M., Mascle J., Zaragosi S. Nile floods recorded in deep Mediterranean sediments. In: Quaternary Research, vol. 70 (3) pp. 382 - 391. Academic Press Inc Elsevier Science, 2008.
Clastic mud beds rich in continental organic matter are observed recurrently in the Nile deep-sea turbidite system. They formed during flooding periods of the river similar to those that induce sapropel formation and occurred during periods of increased density stratification of the eastern Mediterranean. The very fine-grained flood deposits are intercalated within pelagic sediments, sapropels and Bouma-type turbidites. These flood deposits form by the successive reconcentrations of surface (hypopycnal) plumes by convective sedimentation, which in turn generate a fine-grained low-energy hyperpycnal flow. Sea-level high stands seem also to favor hypopycnal plume formation and increase clastic mud bed formation. Consequently, these muddy clastic beds provide a direct link between deep-marine sedimentary records and continental climatic change through flood frequency and magnitude.
DOI: 10.1016/j.yqres.2008.02.011
Subject Eastern Mediterranean
Flood-related deposits
Convective sedimentation
Pluvial periods
Nile floods

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