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Favaretto S., Asioli A., Miola A., Piva A. Preboreal climatic oscillations recorded by pollen and foraminifera in the southern Adriatic Sea. In: Quaternary International, vol. 190 (1) pp. 89 - 102. Elsevier Ltd and INQUA, 2008.
Core SA03-1 from the southern Adriatic Sea (EC-Eurostrataform project) provides new information about climate changes and palaeocirculation in the Adriatic region during the last deglaciation. The results of an integrated study based on pollen and foraminifera records of the part of the core spanning the late Pleistocene-early Holocene transition (including the late Younger Dryas, the Preboreal and the beginning of the Boreal) are presented. The major vegetation changes and the short-term oscillations occurred during the early Holocene warming in the southern Adriatic basin on the basis of a high-resolution pollen record are documented. Vegetation changes are correlated to short-term oscillations detected in the foraminifera record during the same interval. The two independent terrestrial and marine proxies indicate at least three short-term cold and dry oscillations occurring at 11.2-11, 10.8-10.4 and 10 cal ka BP, according to the age-depth model adopted in this study. Finally, adopting an event-stratigraphy approach, the comparison of these results with two western Mediterranean records of Preboreal short-term oscillations suggest the occurrence of synchronous bio-events in the Mediterranean basin.
DOI: 10.1016/j.quaint.2008.04.005
Subject Early Holocene
Preboreal oscillations
Southern Adriatic

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