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Tesi T., Miserocchi S., Langone L., Boni L., Guerrini F. SOURCES, FATE AND DISTRIBUTION OF ORGANIC MATTER ON THE WESTERN ADRIATIC CONTINENTAL SHELF, ITALY. In: Water Air and Soil Pollution, vol. 6 (Focus) pp. 229 - 239. Sediment and Water Interactions in Streams. Brian Kronvang, Jadran Faganeli, Nives Ogrinc (eds.). nger Science + Business Media B.V, 2006.
In the framework of the EUROSTRATAFORM projects, a multidisciplinary research was focused on processes that involve transport and deposition of riverine material in the Adriatic Sea. The aim of our contribution was to increase a more complete understanding of organic matter deposition on the Adriatic shelf, also taking into account the role of Apennine rivers beyond the Po influence. In order to characterize origin, fate and variability of sedimentary organic carbon we utilized elemental and stable carbon isotope data in surficial sediments along shallow cross-shelf transects on the western Adriatic shelf.
DOI: 10.1007/s11267-006-9044
Subject organic matter, Adriatic Sea, Po and Apennine rivers, surface sediment, stable isotopes

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