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Savelli C. Post-Eocene calcalkaline activity and basin opening in the western and central Mediterranean region: implications for magma source metasomatism linked to Hercynian orogeny. In: Bollettino Della Societa Geologica Italiana, vol. 4 speciale pp. 119 - 125. Societa Geologica Italiana, 2005.
Distinct, short-lived extension pulses formed the Balearic, Vavilovand Marsili basins at similar to 22-16, similar to 8-6 and similar to 1.9-1.5 Ma. Basin opening was accompanied by migration of arc magmatism from southeastern France to the Aeolian-southeast Tyrrhenian region which is subducted by the Ionian Sea oceanic lithosphere. Formation of the Balearic basin occurred amidst the Oligo-Miocene calcalkaline (orogenic) cycle which affected the Hercynian European lithosphere between Sardinia-Corsica and southeastern France. By contrast, two distinct short-lived periods of formation of oceanic crust in the basins of Vavilov and Marsili predated the adjacent calcalkaline arc volcanism. Chrono-petrological evidence and the adopted geodynamic setting suggest different ages for the calcalkaline volcanism and the subduction-related, metasomatic modifications of its magma source(s) in the area of study. Unlike the calcalkaline activity of the Aeolian arc (similar to 1-0 Ma), that of Sardinia (similar to 33-14 Ma) may reflect a previous metasomatic event probably coinciding with the older Hercynian orogeny.
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Subject central-western Mediterranean
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arc volcanism migration
Hercynian metasomatism

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