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Loffler S., Janssen R., Gurs K., Taviani M. The genus Axinus Sowerby, 1821 in the Mediterranean Basin (Bivalvia : Thyasiridae). In: Journal of Conchology, vol. 38 (5) pp. 581 - 597. Concholog Soc Gr Brit Ireland Courtauld Inst Biochemistry, 2005.
Deep-sea sampling in the Ionian Sea and NW off Mallorca (Mediterranean) has provided articulated and isolated valves of Axinus grandis (Verrill & Smith, 1885), an extant North Atlantic deep-sea bivalve. Some earlier records from the Mediterranean Sea have been described under the name Halicardia ferruginea Di Geronimo, 1974. H. ferruginea as well as Mytilimeria fischeri Locard, 1898 and Mytilimeria saharica Locard, 1898 arc shown to be junior synonyins and are transferred from the family Verticordiidae to the family Thyasiridae. Our material is assigned to the Late Pliocene to Early Pleistocene based on the nannoplankton content of sediment infilling articulated shells. A study of the ontogenetic development Of shell characters, feasible as investigated material includes specimens from different growth stages, shows a shift in the position of the ligament front internal in juveniles to partly external in adults. The genus Axinus Sowerby, 1821 is known stratigraphically from the Early Eocene until the Recent and geographically from the North Sea Basin, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Paratethys. Although little is known about the ecology of Axinus Sowerby, 1821, the examination of fossil as well as Recent occurrences suggests that Axinus is typically associated with deep-sea reducing, hydrogen sulphide-rich environments.
URL: http://www.conchsoc.org/resources/show-abstract-38.php?id=%2098
Subject Thyasiridae
Mediterranean Sea

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