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Vannucci G., Pondrelli S., Argnani A., Morelli A., Gasperini P., Boschi E. An atlas of Mediterranean seismicity. In: Annals of Geophysics, vol. 47 (1) pp. 247 - 306. Editrice Compositori Bologna, 2004.
We present a description of the characteristics of the seismic deformation occurring in the Alpine Mediterranean Belt, and outline its association with tectonic and geologic features. We map seismic activity using several catalogues. Hypocentral data are retrieved from the Catalog of the International Seismological Center, the most comprehensive compilation of global data. Earthquake size and source geometry are instead evaluated from catalogs of earthquake mechanisms. These include seismic moment tensor catalogs (mainly the Harvard CMT Catalog, the Euro-Mediterranean Regional Centroid-Moment Tensors - RCMT Catalog and the regional moment tensor determination in the Euopean-Mediterranean area - ETH Catalog) and a recent extensive compilation of solutions available in literature (EMMA) that provides consistency-controlled fault-plane solutions where mechanisms based on waveform fitting are missing. The study area follows the Africa-Eurasia margin from the Central Atlantic to Iran, and it has been divided into several provinces for the sake of presentation and graphic purposes. For each province, a brief geologic and tectonic description complements the outline of the pattern of seismicity, illustrated by several maps. Focal mechanisms are also grouped together to yield average mechanisms and enable synoptic views. A com prehensive bibliography is referenced. A CD-ROM accompanying this issue contains, besides maps, figures and results of local comparisons and summation of moment tensors with easy access via sensible maps, also an updated version of the EMMA focal mechanism database. Rather than an attempt at presenting a comprehensive seismotectonic model of the Mediterranean, this contribution aims to offer a panoramic view of the active tectonics as imaged by seismicity and focal mechanisms. Its scope may be seen as similar to that of an atlas, as a broad reference and a support for more specific studies.
Subject southern tyrrhenian sea
late cenozoic deformation
fault-plane solutions
1908 messina straits
plate-boundary zone
back-arc extension
fold-thrust belt
northern apennines
tectonic evolution
aegean sea

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