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Brunelli D., Cipriani A., Ottolini L., Peyve A., Bonatti E. Mantle peridotites from the Bouvet Triple Junction Region, South Atlantic. In: Terra Nova, vol. 15 (3) pp. 194 - 203. Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2003.
"The Bouvet Triple Junction (BTJ) region in the South Atlantic, where the African, South American and Antarctica plates meet, is affected by several topographic/melting anomalies. Causes of these anomalies were investigated through a study of mantle-derived serpentinized peridotites sampled from three sites in the BTJ region: (1) the Inner Corner High at the intersection of the America Antarctic Ridge (AAR) with the Conrad transform; (2) the south wall of the Bouvet transform (South West Indian Ridge, SWIR); and (3) the eastern Bouvet SWIR Transform Intersection. The degree of melting undergone by these rocks was estimated from relic mineral major- and trace-element composition. Geochemical profiles from residual peridotites and associated basalts show a > 1000-km-wide melting anomaly centred on the Bouvet and Spiess topographic anomalies."
DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-3121.2003.00482.x
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