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Lucchetti A., Piccinetti C., Meconi U., Frittelloni C., Marchesan M., Palladino S., Virgili M. Transferable Fishing Concessions (TFC): A pilot study on the applicability in the Mediterranean Sea. In: Marine Policy, vol. 44 pp. 438 - 447. Elsevier, 2014.
Fisheries management systems based on Transferable Fishing Concessions(TFC)and similar rights-based systems have been developed during the last decades in some European countries. However,at present there is not a clear view on the possible effects caused by the application of this management systems in the Mediterranean Sea.The current study, involving nine Geographical Sub-Areas(GSAs)of the Mediterranean Sea, focuses on the appropriateness,transferability and modes of applicability of a TFC system in the Mediterranean area. Three different scenarios of quota allocation have been an alyzed by taking in to account biological, ecological,environmental, economic and social aspects: quota in terms of resource quantity, quota as a portion of the total fishing time, quota as a portion of thetotal fishing capacity. Results show that the transferability of a TFC-based system to the Mediterranean context appears to be low due to the characteristics of the Mediterranean fisheries (multispecificity of resources, fishing grounds shared among different countries, multigear,importance of small-scale fisheries) and to the general lack of sound and reliable individual historical data. The study also highlights rights-based systems such as Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries(TURF)might on ly be applied for the exploitation of sedentary resources, such as clams. A management system based on TFC could be theoretically reasonable for anchovy fishing, where a few species are caught, even if all countries and stakeholders should be involved in the decision making process.
DOI: dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.marpol.2013.10.009
Subject rights-Based Management (RBM)
fishery policy
transferable Fishing Concessions (TFC)
management measures
Mediterranean Sea

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