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Cavalli R., Betti M., Campanelli A., Di Cicco A., Guglietta D., Penna P., Piermattei V. A Methodology to Assess the Accuracy with which Remote Data Characterize a Specific Surface, as a Function of Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM): Application to Three Italian Coastal Waters. In: Sensors, vol. 14 pp. 1155 - 1183. MDPI AG, 2014.
This methodology assesses the accuracy with which remote data characterizes a surface, as a function of Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM). The purpose is to identify the best remote data that improves the characterization of a surface, evaluating the number of bands in the spectral range. The first step creates an accurate dataset of remote simulated data, using in situ hyperspectral reflectances. The second step evaluates the capability of remote simulated data to characterize this surface. The spectral similarity measurements, which are obtained using classifiers, provide this capability. The third step examines the precision of this capability. The assumption is that in situ hyperspectral reflectances are considered the ―real‖ reflectances. They are resized with the same spectral range of the remote data. The spectral similarity measurements which are obtained from ―real‖ resized reflectances, are considered ―real‖ measurements. Therefore, the quantity and magnitude of ―errors‖ (i.e., differences between spectral similarity measurements obtained from ―real‖ resized reflectances and from remote data) provide the accuracy as a function of FWHM. This methodology was applied to evaluate the accuracy with which CHRIS-mode1, CHRIS-mode2, Landsat5-TM, MIVIS and PRISMA data characterize three coastal waters. Their mean values of uncertainty are 1.59%, 3.79%, 7.75%, 3.15% and 1.18%, respectively.
DOI: 10.3390/s140101155
Subject accuracy
characterization capability
in situ hyperspectral reflectance
spectral similarity measurements
coastal water reflectance
CHRIS data
Landsat5-TM data
MIVIS data

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