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Caputo V., Giovannotti M., Nisi Cerioni P., Splendiani A. Genome Duplication in Early Vertebrates: Insights from Agnathan Cytogenetics. In: Cytogenetic and Genome Research, S. Karger AG, Basel, [Online First 15 August 2013]
Agnathans represent a remnant of a primitive offshoot of the vertebrates, and the long evolutionary separation between their 2 living groups, namely hagfishes and lampreys, could explain profound biological differences, also in karyotypes and genome sizes. Here, cytogenetic studies available on these vertebrates were summarized and data discussed with reference to the recently demonstrated monophyly of this group and to the 2 events of whole genome duplication (1R and 2R) characterizing the evolution of vertebrates. The comparison of cytogenetic data and phylogenetic relationships among agnathans and gnathostomes seems to support the hypothesis that 1R and 2R occurred before the evolutionary divergence between jawless and jawed vertebrates.
DOI: 10.1159/000354098
Subject agnathans evolution
chromosome and chromatin diminution
genome duplication

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