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Gomiero A., Spagnolo A., De Biasi A., Kozinkova L., Polidori P., Punzo E., Santelli A., Strafella P., Girasole M., Dinarelli S., Viarengo A., Negri A., Nasci C., Fabi G. Development of an integrated chemical, biological and ecological approach for impact assessment of Mediterranean off shore gas platforms. In: Chemistry and Ecology, vol. 29 (7) pp. 620 - 634. Taylor & Francis, 2013.
The pressure for more energy demand is a strong driver for the construction of offshore oil and gas platforms. This also applies to the Adriatic Sea where, since 1960, several gas fields have been commissioned. The continuous expansion of the gas industry may potentially have detrimental effects on marine communities. This may become particularly clear in such a peculiar semi-enclosed basin as the Adriatic Sea, which contains ecosystems that are subject to intensive anthropic pressures, such as unsustainable fishing and inputs of environmental pollutants. To date, still scant information is available on the environmental effects of gas platforms. Thus, to comply with the national Italian legislation and to support the development of protocols for the monitoring of offshore activities, multidisciplinary studies have been conducted and performed by CNR-ISMAR in cooperation with some private and public research institutes. A multidisciplinary approach based on chemical, biological and ecological investigations was performed to evaluate both the water column and the sediment quality near a gas platform. The overall results indicate moderate effects of platform-related environmental stress.
DOI: 10.1080/02757540.2013.817562
Subject benthic communities
gas platforms

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