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Martinelli M., Morello E., Isajlovic I., Belardinelli A., Lucchetti A., Santojanni A., Atkinson R., Vrgoc N., Arneri E. Towed underwater television towards the quantification of Norway lobster, squat lobsters and sea pens in the Adriatic Sea. In: Acta Adriatica, vol. 54 (1) pp. 3 - 13. Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Split, 2013.
Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus, is of great commercial importance throughout the NE Atlantic and Mediterranean, where it lives in burrows within muddy sediments. In several European countries it is assessed by means of towed underwater TV techniques. These are particularly suited to N. norvegicus because, for a number of reasons, the application of common fishery-dependent stock-assessment methods is not thorough for this species. The TV-based methodology relies on the fact that a known surface area of seabed is visually assessed and the number of N. norvegicus burrows, whose features are distinct, can be counted and their inhabitants quantified. It follows that, in theory, the same can be done for other organisms or key ecological features which appear on the footage. This study reports the results of the underwater television surveys (2009 and 2010) carried out jointly by Italy and Croatia in the Pomo/Jabuka pits, an area of the Adriatic Sea important for its N. norvegicus fishery and its hake nursery grounds. The obtained footage allowed quantification of the density of N. norvegicus in the area and the acquisition of estimates of the abundances of the squat lobster, Munida rutllanti and the sea pen Funiculina quadrangularis. The concurrent quantification of trawling activity from the footage has allowed us to place our results in the context of an ecosystem approach to fisheries management.
Subject towed UWTV
Norway lobster
squat lobster
sea pen
Adriatic Sea

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