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Giovannelli D., Ricci J., Pérez--Rodríguez I., Hügler M., O’Brien C., Keddis R., Grosche A., Goodwin L., Bruce D., Davenport K., Detter C., Han J., Han S., Ivanova N., Land M., Mikhailova N., Nolan M., Pitluck S., Tapia R., Woyke T., Vetriani C. Complete genome sequence of Thermovibrio ammonificans HB-1T, a thermophilic, chemolithoautotrophic bacterium isolated from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent. In: Standards in Genomic Sciences, vol. 7 pp. 82 - 90. The Genomic Standards Consortium, 2012.
Thermovibrio ammonificans type strain HB-1T is a thermophilic (Topt: 75°C), strictly anaero-bic, chemolithoautotrophic bacterium that was isolated from an active, high temperature deep-sea hydrothermal vent on the East Pacific Rise. This organism grows on mineral salts medium in the presence of CO2/H2, using NO3- or S0 as electron acceptors, which are re-duced to ammonium or hydrogen sulfide, respectively. T. ammonificans is one of only three species within the genus Thermovibrio, a member of the family Desulfurobacteriaceae, and it forms a deep branch within the phylum Aquificae. Here we report the main features of the genome of T. ammonificans strain HB-1T (DSM 15698T).
URL: http://10.4056/sigs.2856770
Subject Aquificae
hydrothermal vent

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