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Fouzai N., Coll M., Palomera I., Santojanni A., Arneri E., Christensen V. Fishing management scenarios to rebuild exploited resources and ecosystems of the Northern-Central Adriatic (Mediterranean Sea). In: Journal of Marine Systems, vol. 102-104 pp. 39 - 51. Elsevier B.V, 2012.
Northern-Central Adriatic Sea. Dynamic simulations were based on a spatial ecological model previously calibrat¬ed with time series of data. Scenarios regarding spatial management were evaluated with the establishment of two marine protected areas, respectively, in the Pomo pit and the northern region. In addition, three tem¬poral simulations of temporary closures and overall reduction of fishing effort of demersal and pelagic fleets (bottom, mid-water trawls and purse seines) were also considered. Simulations were run for 45 years (1975- 2020), including the calibration period (1975-2002), and changes in biomass and catch of marine resources were analyzed. Our results confirm that current fishing management in the Adriatic Sea does not have clear beneficial impacts for the recovery of exploited resources, which will remain depleted in 2020 if "business as usual" continues. Simulations of alternative management suggest that both protected areas could be ben¬eficial for fish population recovery predicting an increase in the biomass of commercial fish and predatory organisms. Simulations of temporary closures and overall reduction of fishing effort also show significant benefits for several commercial resources. We argue that both management measures may be effective tools to recover exploited ecosystems of the Northern-Central Adriatic Sea and halt the decline of marine resources.
DOI: 10.1016/j.jmarsys.2012.05.003
Subject Northern-Central Adriatic Sea
trophic models
ecopath with Ecosim
fisheries management
marine protected areas (MPA)

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