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Gramolini R., Russo A., Coluccelli A., La Mesa M., Panfili M., Morello E., Arneri E. Numerical simulations of small pelagic fishes eggs and larvae in the Adriatic Sea. In: Rapport Commission Internationale Mer Méditerranée, vol. 39 p. 537. CIESM, 2010.
An Individual Based Model (ICHTYOP) was applied in the Adriatic Sea with the aim of studying the mechanisms regulating spawning and recruitment success of small pelagic fishes. ICHTYOP numerical simulations have been driven by realistic current fields derived by an hydrodynamic model, and outputs were analyzed in a GIS environment. Preliminary results indicate that most recruits are along the western Adriatic coast and that the total interannual variability could be low compared to monthly variability. Specific simulations driven by position and ages of larvae caught in the Gulf of Manfredonia provide interesting insights for this important nursery area.
Subject Adriatic Sea

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