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Campanelli A., Bulatovic A., Cabrini M., Grilli F., Kljajic Z., Mosetti R., Paschini E., Penna P., Marini M. Spatial distribution of physical, chemical and biological oceanographic properties, phytoplankton, nutrients and Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) in the Boka Kotorska Bay (Adriatic Sea). In: Geofizika, vol. 26 (2) pp. 215 - 228. UNIV ZAGREB , ANDRIJA MOHOROVICIC GEOPHYS INST, FAC SCIENCE, 2009.
The temporal variations of temperature, salinity, fluorescence, dissolved oxygen concentration, Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) and of chemical (nutrients, chlorophyll alpha) and biological (phytoplankton composition) parameters in the Boka Kotorska Bay were observed during two periods. CDOM regulates the penetration of UV light into the sea and therefore plays an important role in many hydrological and biogeochemical processes in the sea surface layer including primary productivity. In the framework ADRICOSM-STAR it was possible to investigate the Boka Kotorska Bay during May and June 2008 in order to increase an understanding of optical and chemical characteristics and their evolution during these periods. In both periods station KO (located furthest from the open sea) presented different physical, chemical and biological characteristics with respect to the other stations inside the Boka Kotorska Bay. A positive correlation was found between CDOM and chlorophyll alpha (R = 0.7, P < 0.001, n = 15) and this implies that in this area, similarly to the open sea, the primary source of CDOM should be the biological production from phytoplankton. This is probably due to the fact that the rivers entering the Boka Kotorska Bay are not severely impacted by man.
Subject CDOM
hydrological data
Adriatic Sea

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