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Di Camillo C., Bo M., Puce S., Tazioli S., Froglia C., Bavestrello G. The epibiontic assemblage of Geryon longipes (Crustacea : Decapoda : Geryonidae) from the Southern Adriatic Sea. In: Italian Journal of Zoology, vol. 75 (1) pp. 29 - 35. Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2008.
The crab Geryon longipes lives in muddy bottoms of bathyal environments. Its epibiontic assemblage was studied in a population from the Southern Adriatic Sea. Four species of invertebrates were observed on the crab exoskeleton. The most abundant was the hydroid Leuckartiara cf. octona; the bryozoan Triticella flava was also quite frequent, while another hydroid, Hydractinia sp., and a bryozoan, Arachnoidea sp. were only occasionally observed. The study of the abundance and the distribution of the two most common epibionts in relation to the crab revealed a different spatio-temporal pattern of colonisation between the hydroid and the bryozoan.
DOI: 10.1080/11250000701632279
Subject Geryon longipes
bathyal environments

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