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Santojanni A., Cingolani N., Arneri E., Belardinelli A., Colella S., Donato F. Use of an exploitation rate threshold in the management of anchovy and sardine stocks in the Adriatic Sea. In: Biologia Marina Mediterranea, vol. 13 (3) pp. 98 - 111. Societŕ Italiana di Biologia Marina, 2006.
The use of a biologica! reference point based on exploitation rate threshold was evaluated for the stocks of anchovy and sardine in the centra! and northern Adriatic Sea. This threshold was suggested for small pelagics by K Patterson in 1992. The values of the fishing mortality rates F in the exploitation rates Fl(M+F), with M being the rate of natura! mortality, were derived from VPA carried out for the time interval 1975-2001. The results were encouraging so that this threshold could be used to prevent stock collapse along with the Minimum Biologica! Acceptable Level (MBAL) based on spawning stock biomass, currently implemented for small pelagic fish and other species. The same exploitation rate threshold could even substitute MBAL, when not sufficiently long time series of stock-recruitment data are available to obtain reliable estimates of MBAL.
Subject Adriatic Sea
Engraulis encrasicolus
Sardina pělchardus
stock assessment
fishery management

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