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La Mesa M., Ascoli L., Caputo V. Gametogenesis and reproductive strategies in some species of the Antarctic fish genus Trematomus (Nototheniidae). In: Polar Biology, vol. 29 (11) pp. 963 - 970. SPRINGER, 2006.
Species of the genus Trematomus are the most common nototheniids in the High-Antarctic Zone, and several live sympatrically on the Ross Sea continental shelf. Histological analysis of gonadal development of T. bernacchii, T. hansoni and T. newnesi was carried out on samples collected during the austral summer in the coastal waters of Terra Nova Bay, western Ross Sea. Gonads of both females and males of the three species were described based on macroscopic and histologic scales. Histologically, both males and females of T. bernacchii were in postspawning or in early maturing condition, thus indicating that they recently completed spawning. Conversely, most specimens of T. hansoni were in spawning condition, as evidenced by the histological appearance of gonads and by the high value of gonado-somatic index (GSI) of females between 20 and 36%. In the same period, females of T. newnesi had maturing ovaries, whereas males were at an early developmental stage of maturity. In all species, the testicular structure closely resembled the unrestricted spermatogonial type, although spermatogonia were more concentrated in the blind end of tubules. On the basis of the pattern of oocyte maturity observed within the ovarian lamellae, all Trematomus had a group synchronous ovary, as commonly reported in Antarctic fish. Furthermore, the presence of oocytes showing the commencement of yolk deposition in spent females confirms that vitellogenesis is a slow process, extending over at least 1 year. The reproductive strategies of Trematomus are discussed in terms of timing of the spawning season of each species as a function of the seasonal production cycle and of the interspecific relationships. The spawning activities of the three species investigated appeared to be mismatched with respect to time as well as location within the range of distribution of each.
DOI: 10.1007/s00300-006-0138-1
Subject oocyte growth
McMurdo sound
sexual cycles

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