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Cingolani N., Arneri E., Santojanni A., Belardinelli A., Giannetti G., Colella S., Donato F. Stock assessment of sardine (Sardina pilchardus, walb.) in the Adriatic Sea. In: Biologia Marina Mediterranea, vol. 9 (1) pp. 82 - 88. SocietÓ Italiana di Biologia Marina, 2002.
Sardine (Sardina pilchardus, Walb.) is one of the most important commercial species of both Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea. Since 1975, IRPEM has been conducting research on the stock assessment of both sardine and anchovy for the central and northern Adriatic, by means of population dynamics methods. In this paper, the estimates of sardine stock biomass at sea in the period 1975-1999 were discussed. These estimates were obtained using two methods based on different data inputs. The primary method used was Virtual Population Analysis (VPA) and the second one was the DeLury ad hoc method. The effects on biomass values due to the estimated quantities of sardine discarded at sea because not marketable, in some Italian ports, were also eva-luated. The assessments indicated that the mid-year sardine stock biomass rose from 400,000 tons in 1975 to a peak of 950,000 tons in 1984. Afier that, the biomass declined, with current levels being 300,000 tons. The effect due to discard corrected catches was small. The sardine total catch was quite far from the stock biomass at sea: the mean annual catch in the period 1975-1999 is 50,000 and, in 1999, catches were about 20,000 tons. However, the mean ratio between total catch and the spawning biomass estimated by VPA is around 0.20 in the period 1975-1999, and the current ratio is around this value.
Subject clupeoidfisheries
catch statistics
stock assessment
population dynamics

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