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Marini M., Fornasiero P., Artegiani A. Variations of Hydrochemical Features in the Coastal Waters of Monte Conero: 1982-1990. In: Marine Ecology-Pubblicazioni della Stazione Zoologica di Napoli I, vol. 23 Supplement 1 pp. 258 - 271. Blackwell Verlag, 2002.
This paper briefly summarises research carried out in 1982-1990 in the coastal area off Monte Conero, SW northern Adriatic Sea. Oceanographic data on temperature, salinity, oxygen saturation, nutrients (nitrates, silicates and orthophosphates), and chlorophylls were collected to characterise this coastal ecosystem in view of the setting up of the "Costa del Monte Conero" protected marine area. Towards the coast the physical and chemical parameters exhibited a seasonal periodicity. Temperature showed a clear annual periodicity with a certain interannual variability; this also holds true for oxygen saturation, with peaks in March and minima in September, though without hypoxic events. Nutrient concentrations peaked at the surface layer at the coastal station from December to March (nitrates: 35-50 μmol 1−1; silicates: 22-70 μmol 1−1; orthophosphates: 0.37-0.54 μmol 1−1) and minima in summer (Jul-Aug) on surface and bottom (0-12μmol 1−1, 0-18.5 μmol 1−1, and 0-0.15 μmol 1−1, respectively). From 1988 to 1990 nutrient peaks were lower and coastal salinity exceed 33, with nitrates below 16 μmol 1−1, silicates below 8 μmol 1−1, and orthophosphates less than 0.2 μmol 1−1. In the coastal area of Senigallia, 40 km to the north, where the influence of the coastal current that carries the river inflows to the south is stronger, the seasonal cycle was similar, albeit with higher values for nutrients and chlorophylls.
DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0485.2002.tb00024.x
Subject coastal area
seasonal variation
river inflow
dissolved oxygen

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