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La Mesa M., Vacchi M., Iwami T., Eastman J. Taxonomic studies of the Antarctic icefish genus Cryodraco Dollo, 1900 (Notothenioidei: Channichthyidae). In: Polar Biology, vol. 25 pp. 384 - 390. SPRINGER-VERLAG, 2002.
Based on a meristic and morphometric study of 101 specimens, we recognise 2 valid species in the Antarctic channichthyid genus Cryodraco: Cryodraco antarcticus Dollo, 1900 and C. atkinsoni Regan, 1914. Although the species overlap in most meristic and morphometric characters, we have distinguished several reliable characters for diagnosis and identification. Multidimensional scaling, a nonparametric multivariate technique, clearly separates the two species on the basis of pelvic fin length, head length, number of second dorsal fin rays and origin of the lower lateral line relative to the anal fin rays. We provide a revised identification key to the species of Cryodraco. From a zoogeographical point of view, C. antarcticus has a circum-Antarctic distribution whereas C. atkinsoni is largely confined to the East Antarctic Zoogeographic Province.
DOI: DOI 10.1007/s00300-002-0358-y
Subject taxonomy

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