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Granata A., Cubeta A., Guglielmo L., Sidoti O. .., Greco S., Vacchi M., La Mesa M. Ichthyoplankton abundance and distribution in the Ross Sea during 1987-1996. In: Polar Biology, vol. 25 (3) pp. 187 - 202. SPRINGER-VERLAG, 2002.
During Italian expeditions, ichthyoplankton was collected in the Ross Sea and Terra Nova Bay, by BIONESS and Hamburg Plankton Net (250-mum and 500-mum mesh, respectively). A total of 394,453 fish larvae representing, 46 species, 27 genera and 9 families were collected. Pleuragramma antarcticum dominated during three of the four cruises, whilst in 1994/1995 Trematomus lepidorhinus was also abundant. The most abundant icefish was Chionodraco myersi, which co-occurred with P. antarcticum. Macrouridae, Myctophidae and Bathylagidae were oceanic, Paralepididae occurred in all areas. Notothenioids, nearly 100% of the catch, occurred close to the coast and dominated the shelf ichthyoplankton community.
DOI: 10.1007/s00300-001-0326-y
Subject Ross Sea

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