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Artegiani A., Marini M., Pariante R., Paschini E., Russo A. Evolution of physical parameters and chemical obervations in the Middle Adriatic depressions. In: Archivio di Oceanografia e Limnologia, vol. 22 pp. 27 - 34. Istituto di Biologia del Mare, Venezia, Italia, 2001.
The Middle Adriatic depressions (Fig. 1), or Pomo Pits (maximum depth 270 m), are characterised by a water mass that resides there throughout the year: the Middle Adriatic Deep Water - MAdDW (Franco, 1972; Artegiani et al., 1997). From spring to autumn, this is the coldest water mass in the Mediterranean basin. Climatologically, it has a temperature of 11.62 C, salinity of 38.47, density anomaly > 29.2 kg m-3. In late winter - early spring, a denser water mass (the Northern Adriatic Dense Water - NAdDW), which forms in winter in the Northern Adriatic shelf, arrives in the Pomo Pits and renews the resident bottom waters. The Pomo Pits area is important for climatic studies, being a test site where significant fluctuations of the dense water formed in the Northern Adriatic are "memorised". The fact that it is one of the main nurseries of the Adriatic Sea for hake, Merluccius merluccius, and a site where Norway lobsters, Nephrops norvegicus, grow lends it considerable biological and economic importance (Zupanovic & Jardas, 1986; Froglia & Gramitto, 1981). Oceanographic data collected in the Pomo Pits area from 1980 to 1998 between latitudes 42 20' N and 43 40' N are presented and examined. From 1993 to 1996 data were obtained in the framework of Italian (AMEX, PRISMA) and international research programmes (ELNA). Data on water temperature, salinity, density anomaly, as well as dissolved oxygen and main dissolved-nutrient concentrations (nitrate, orthoposphate and silicate) are examined and discussed.
Subject biogeochemistry

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