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Arneri E., Colella S., Giannetti G. Age determination and growth of turbot and brill in the Adriatic Sea: reversal of the seasonal pattern of otolith zone formation. In: Journal of Applied Ichthyology, vol. 17 pp. 256 - 261. Blackwell Wissenschafts-Verlag, Berlin, 2001.
The growth of two commercially important ¯at®sh, turbot (Psetta maxima) (L.) and brill (Scophthalmus rhombus) (L.), was investigated in the Adriatic using whole otoliths (sagittae) and stained otolith sections. At variance with the pattern usually observed in temperate seas, the opaque zone was found to be laid down in autumn and winter, and the translucent zone in spring and summer. Growth rates di€ered according to sex, with the females attaining greater body lengths. The von Bertalan€y growth parameters were: L¥ˆ66.2 cm, Kˆ0.31 years±1, and t0ˆ±0.14 years for turbot males, L¥ˆ81.5 cm, Kˆ0.21 years±1, and t0ˆ±0.48 years for turbot females; L¥ˆ40.2 cm, Kˆ0.49 years±1, and t0ˆ±1.03 years for brill males; L¥ˆ50.1 cm, Kˆ0.27 years±1, and t0ˆ±1.75 years for brill females. Growth rates and maximum age recorded for turbot were comparable to those reported in the North Sea
Subject age determination
Scophthalmus rhombus
Psetta maxima
Adriatic Sea

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