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Fabi G., Camilletti E., Cicciotti E., Luccarini F., Lucchetti A., Panfili M., Solustri C. Ruolo trofico della barriera artificiale di Cesano-Senigallia nei confronti di alcune specie ittiche. In: Biologia Marina Mediterranea, vol. 5 (3) pp. 1812 - 1821. SocietÓ Italiana di Biologia Marina, 1998.
The trophic relationships between the Cesano-Senigallia artificial reef and three fish species (Sciaena umbra, Umbrina cirrosa, Diplodus annularis) commonly recorded at the reef were investigateti through the analysis of the gut contents and the study of the benthic communities settled on the man-made structures, in the surrounding soft bottom as well as at a control site without hard substrates. The results showed that ali the three specie: feed preferably both on hard substrate specie: and on :and-muddy bottom specie: living on the artificial stntctures and/or in the bottom dose to them. This trophic relationship ýs particularly stria for S. wnbra whereas U. cirrosa and D. annularis integrate their dietfeeding alio on organisms living in the originai sand-moddy bottom outside the reef
Subject Feeding
annularis sea-bream
artifici al reefs
Adriatýc Sea

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