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Koyama S., Streck T., Marini M., Gigliotti G., Brunone B., Businelli M., Caravetta A., Richter J. Field scale transport experiment of chloride and bromide in Perugia, Italy. In: Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, vol. 7 (9A-10A) pp. 662 - 669. INST LEBENSMITTELTECHNOLOGIE ANALYTISCHE CHEMIE, TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITAT MUNCHEN, D-85350 FREISING-WEIHENSTEPHAN, GERMANY, 1998.
A field experiment was carried out in order to study the heterogeneity of the flow regime. In a preliminary experiment, characteristic values of the investigated soil like texture, field capacity and permanent wilting point water content were determined at several points of the 10m times 30m field plot. In the transport experiment itself, double tracing with chloride and bromide was performed in order to study the heterogeneity of the transport regime after an artificial rain event. Typical results comprise the statistical parameters as well as the variograms and kriged maps of the tracer spatial distributions.
Subject field scale transport
tracer experiment
field water regime

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