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Trevisan M., Vischetti C., Capri E., Marini M., Errera G. Scenario effects on pesticide environmental dissipation: Field and modelling trials. In: Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, vol. 7 (12A) pp. 972 - 979. INST LEBENSMITTELTECHNOLOGIE ANALYTISCHE CHEMIE, TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITAT MUNCHEN, 1998.
The goal of this study is to assess if it is possible to identify, in Mediterranean situation, one standard scenario and extrapolate it to other situations, either for field trial or for modelling purposes. For this reason, field experiments were carried out, using the same protocol, at three different Italian pedoclimatic areas in order to evaluate soil dissipation of two sugar beet herbicides, metamitron and chloridazon. Mobility and persistence in all fields were evaluated for both the herbicides. Herbicide mobility between sites was more different than persistence. Model simulations with 4 models: PRZM-2, VARLEACH, LEACHP and PELMO were performed. Model input parameters were obtained from experimental trials and parametrized for the four models. Areic mass, quantity leached at 50 cm of depth and peak of concentration along the profile was compared using statistical indices.
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