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Vischetti C., Businelli M., Marini M., Merlini L. Comparison of PRZM-2 computer model predictions with field data on the fate of napropamide and pendimethalin in soils. In: European Journal of Agronomy, vol. 4 (3) pp. 355 - 361. ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 1995.
The ability of Pesticide Root Zone Model (PRZM-2) to simulate the movement of napropamide and pendimethalin residues in the tobacco crop was evaluated using the soil properties and amounts of rainfall and irrigation in three field trials conducted in two unsaturated zone fields in the ploughed layer (0-40 cm). The results of PRZM-2 simulation do not agree with observed field data, which also show a high variability. The cause of this discrepancy may be attributed to the 40 cm deep ploughing of the soil not followed by other agronomical practices that reduce the superficial clod size, thus generating the large voids responsible for the displacement of pesticide to the ploughing depth. For pendimethalin the discrepancy may be enhanced by the higher volatility of this pesticide.
Subject degradation
computer modelling

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