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Tura A., Sbrignadello S., Cianciavicchia D., Pacini G., Ravazzani P. A Low Frequency Electromagnetic Sensor for Indirect Measurement of Glucose Concentration: In Vitro Experiments in Different Conductive Solutions. In: Sensors, vol. 10 pp. 5346 - 5358. MDPI, 2010.
In recent years there has been considerable interest in the study of glucose-induced dielectric property variations of human tissues as a possible approach for non-invasive glycaemia monitoring. We have developed an electromagnetic sensor, and we tested in vitro its ability to estimate variations in glucose concentration of different solutions with similarities to blood (sodium chloride and Ringer-lactate solutions), differing though in the lack of any cellular components. The sensor was able to detect the effect of glucose variations over a wide range of concentrations (78-5,000 mg/dL), with a sensitivity of 0.22 mV/(mg/dL). Our proposed system may thus be useful in a new approach for non-invasive and non-contact glucose monitoring.
URL: http://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/10/6/5346/
DOI: 10.3390/s100605346
Subject dielectric properties
sodium-chloride solution
Ringer-lactate solution
non-invasive glucose monitoring
non-contact sensor

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