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Ahren B., Thomaseth K., Pacini G. Reduced insulin clearance contributes to the increased insulin levels after administration of glucagon-like peptide 1 in mice. In: Diabetologia, vol. 48 (10) pp. 2140 - 2146. Springer, 2005.
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) is known to be a potent stimulator of insulin secretion. However, whether GLP-1 also affects insulin clearance is not known. To explore this, we developed a technique to determine prehepatic insulin secretion in mice, based on deconvolution of plasma C-peptide concentrations. The estimated beta cell secretion was then related to plasma insulin levels to allow determination of clearance rate of endogenously produced insulin. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Kinetic parameters of C-peptide were estimated after i.v. injection of human C-peptide (0.8 or 3 nmol/kg) or glucose (1 g/kg), either alone or together with GLP-1 (10 nmol/kg), in anaesthetised NMRI mice. RESULTS: C-peptide was distributed in two compartments (distribution volume 11.4+/-0.4 ml, 42+/-2% of which was in the accessible compartment). Fractional C-peptide clearance was 8.2+/-0.6% of the total distribution volume per minute. GLP-1 markedly enhanced prehepatic insulin secretion; more than 80% of prehepatic secretion occurred during the first minute after injection. Fractional clearance of endogenously released insulin after glucose was 0.66+/-0.11 min(-1) and this was reduced to 0.36+/-0.10 min(-1) by GLP-1 (p=0.04). CONCLUSIONS/INTERPRETATION: It is possible to perform C-peptide deconvolution for estimating prehepatic insulin secretion in mice. GLP-1 reduces the clearance of endogenously released insulin; therefore, it may affect insulin levels by increasing prehepatic insulin secretion and by reducing insulin clearance.
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Subject C-Peptide kinetics
insulin clearance
insulin secreation
mathematical modeling
population modeling
Glucagon-Like Peptide 1

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