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Galloni P., Lovisolo G. A., Mancini S., Parazzini M., Pinto R., Piscitelli M., Ravazzani P., Marino C. Effects of 900 MHz electromagnetic fields exposure on cochlear cells' functionality in rats: Evaluation of distortion product otoacoustic emissions. In: Bioelectromagnetics, vol. 26 (7) pp. 536 - 547. Wiley, 2005.
In recent years, the widespread use of mobile phones has been accompanied by public debate about possible adverse consequences on human health. The auditory system is a major target of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by cellular telephones; the aim of this study was the evaluation of possible effects of cellular phone-like emissions on the functionality of rat's cochlea. Distortion Products OtoAcoustic Emission (DPOAE) amplitude was selected as cochlea's outer hair cells (OHC) status indicator. A number of protocols, including different frequencies (the lower ones in rat's cochlea sensitivity spectrum), intensities and periods of exposure, were used; tests were carried out before, during and after the period of treatment. No significant variation due to exposure to microwaves has been evidenced.
URL: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/fulltext/110573230/PDFSTART
Subject cellular phone
organ of corti
outer hair cell

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