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Mazzone A. M. The conductance of SnO2 small nanowires: A study based on density functional and scattering theories. In: Solid State Communications, vol. 143 (10) pp. 481 - 486. Elsevier Ltd, 2007.
This study is motivated by the recent advances in the fabrication of oxide nanostructures and its purpose is the assessment of the relationship between their structural properties and the conductance. The structures considered are small SnO2 nanowires whose size and shape reproduce on a smaller scale the structures produced by current technologies. Their electronic configuration and the conductance are evaluated using the density functional and scattering theories with a simplified modelling of the external leads. The study of the electronic configuration shows that the structure of the allowed energy levels and of the charges responds to the details of the nanowire structure and composition. These effects are important in the context of the conductance. In fact, deep resonances are produced by the alignment of the allowed energy levels in the nanowire with the ones in the external leads. For these conductive channels the relationship between the size and th e conductance parallels the one between the size and the binding energy.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ssc.2007.06.023
Subject A. Nanowires
A. Tin oxide
E. Density functional theory

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