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Marchini L. Realization and Characterization of CZT X-ray and gamma ray detectors.
Radiation detection is a very important tool for every application eld that includes monitoring and detection of radiation sources. In the case of gamma and X-ray detectors, a wide number of application elds are involved in the detector developing, this list comprehends medical imaging, environmental monitoring, homeland security and astrophysics. Several detector technologies have been developed during recent years: proportional counters, scintillator detectors, photomultipliers and semiconductor detectors. The radiation detector device has the specic objective to deliver information about the energy deposited by the incident radiation, the position of the radiation interaction, or about the time at which the radiation has arrived. Semiconductor detectors oer some advantages over the other technologies developed for this applications. The density, for example, is orders of magnitudes higher with respect to phototubes or scintillators, corresponding to a much higher stopping power for semiconductor based devices. Moreover with a semiconductor detector, unlike the photomultiplier tube, the radiation energy is directly converted into the signal. This involves an improvement in the energy resolution due to the large number of carriers generated for every event occurring inside the medium and hence a higher photo-sensibility. For many years the high energy radiation detection eld was dominated by Si and Ge. These two materials are able to produce devices with a very high energy resolution and the corresponding read out electronic was already developed. However the use of these material requires a cooling down to cryogenic temperatures, usually at liquid nitrogen (77 K). The need of making a device able to work at room temperature has pushed the research in the direction of 9 the exploitation of a new class of semiconductors characterized by a high and direct energy gap. Among semiconductors CdZnTe has emerged as a particularly suitable material in the realization of efficient detectors.
Subject CdZnTe
X-ray detectors

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