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Vagovic P., Korytar D., Mikulik P., Cecilia A., Ferrari C., Yang Y., Hanschke D., Haman E., Pelliccia D., Lafford T., Fiederle M., Baumbach T. In-line Bragg magnifier based on V-shaped germanium crystals. In: Journal of Applied Crystallography, vol. 18 pp. 753 - 760. International Union of Crystallography, 2011.
n this work an X-ray imaging system based on a recently developed in-line two-dimensional Bragg magnifier composed of two monolithic V-shaped crystals made of dislocation-free germanium is presented. The channel-cut crystals were used in one-dimensional and in two-dimensional (crossed) configurations in imaging applications and allowed measurement of phase-contrast radiograms both in the edge-enhanced and in the holographic regimes. The measurement of the phase gradient in two orthogonal directions is demonstrated. The effective pixel size attained was 0.17 Ám in the one-dimensional configuration and 0.5 Ám in the two-dimensional setting, offering a twofold improvement in spatial resolution over devices based on silicon. These results show the potential for applying Bragg magnifiers to imaging soft matter at high resolution with reduced dose owing to the higher efficiency of Ge compared with Si.
Subject Bragg magnifier; phase-contrast imaging; channel-cut crystal; in-line configuration.

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