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Frabboni S., Frigeri C., Gazzadi G. C., Pozzi G. Two and three slits electron interference and diffraction experiments. In: American Journal of Physics, vol. 79 (6) pp. 615 - 618. American Association of Physics Teachers, 2011.
Current nanotechnology techniques make possible the preparation of slits in the submicrometer range so that electron interference and diffraction experiments can be done even with a conventional electron microscope. If the instrument is also equipped with a field emission source, it is possible to follow almost in real time the transition from the image of the slits to their Fraunhofer pattern through the intermediate Fresnel diffraction images. We discuss our results for the two-slit experiment and illustrate them for the three-slit case.
URL: http://aapt.org/ajp
DOI: 10.1119/1.3560429
Subject Electron interference

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