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Artini C., Costa G., Masini R. Study of the formation temperature of mixed LaREO3 (RE ≡ Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu) and NdGdO3 oxides. In: Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, vol. 103 pp. 17 - 21. Springer, 2011.
Mixed LaREO3 (RE : Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu) and NdGdO3 oxides were prepared by thermal decomposition of the corresponding co-precipitated mixed oxalates. The decomposition of La/RE and Nd/Gd oxalates was studied by means of differential thermal analysis and thermogravimetric (DTA-TG) measurements; in particular the last step, consisting of the loss of a CO2 molecule from the corresponding oxycarbonate, has been thoroughly investigated, as it is particularly interesting for the study of the formation temperature of mixed rare earth oxides. After the release of CO2, the oxides crystallize in a distorted perovskitic cell or one of the structures typical of rare earth sesquioxides, depending on the cationic size difference and on the average cationic radius. The mixed rare earth oxycarbonate decomposition has been studied in comparison to the decomposition of single rare earth oxycarbonates. A trend of the mixed oxides formation temperature as a function both of the average cationic size and of the cationic sizes difference has been observed and compared to the behaviour of single rare earth oxides.
URL: http://www.springerlink.com/content/k5776v294x2t6767/
DOI: 10.1007/s10973-010-0973-8
Subject 61.05.Cp - 81.

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