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Korytar D., Ferrari C., Mikulik P., Vagovic P., Dobrocka E., Ac V., Konopka P., Erko A., Abrosimov N., Zaparzny Z. 1D x-ray beam compressing monochromators. In: ICXCOM20 - 20th international congress on x-ray optics and microanalysis (Karlsruhe, Germany, 15-18 Sept. 2009). Abstract, article n. CP1221. American Institute of Physics, 2010.
In standard single crystal pure germanium (220) X-ray beam compressing (V-shaped) monochromators for CuKa1 radiation a total beam compression of 5 and 10 corresponding to the asymmetry angles of 9 and 12 is achieved in V-5 and V-10 monochromators, respectively. Higher 1D compression of the X-ray beam is possible using larger angles of asymmetry, but at the expense of the decreased total intensity due to refraction effect. Several ways how to increase the monochromator intensity are considered both theoretically and experimentally. Linearly graded germanium rich GexSi(1-x) single crystal has been used to prepare a V-21 single crystal monochromator with 15 asymmetry angles (compression factor of 21) and also its temperature gradient version is discussed for CuKa1 radiation. X-ray diffraction measurements at graded GeSi show more than 3-times higher intensity at the output compared to pure Ge monochromator.
Subject x-ray monochromator
x-ray magnifier

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