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Watts B. E., Attolini G., Besagni T., Bosi M., Ferrari C., Rossi F., Riesz F., Jiang L. Evaluation of curvature and stress in 3C-SiC grown on differently oriented Si substrates. In: ECSCR - 2010 - 8th European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2010 (Oslo, 29/08 - 02/09 2010).
In order to relieve the high lattice strain in 3C-SiC/Si heteroepitaxy it is common to deposit a thin carbonization layer using C3H8. However, large bending and wafer warp are still reported, with complex shapes depending on the growth recipes and on reactor geometries. This problem hinders the subsequent wafer processing, such as photolitography and micromachining. To assess issues that cause deformation, different kinds of pre-growth procedures were investigated, involving the addition of SiH4 to C3H8 during the temperature ramps used for the carbonization and while heating to the growth temperature. 3C-SiC layers were deposited on (001) and (111) Si substrates by vapor phase epitaxy using SiH4 and C3H8 diluted in H2.
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