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Watts B. E., Attolini G., Rossi F., Salviati G., Mancarella F., Ferri M., Roncaglia A., Poggi A. -SiC NWs grown on patterned and MEMS silicon substrates. In: ECSCRM8th 2010 - 8th European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials - 2010 (Oslo, 29/08/ - 02/09 2010).
One-dimensional materials have become an attractive field of research due to their potential applications in physics, development of nanodevices and sensors. Nanowires (NW) are particularly interesting for their enhanced properties with respect to the bulk materials. Moreover the dimension of these nanostructures is comparable to those of the biological and chemical species being sensed. Silicon carbide in the form of NW is a material of great technological interest because of well known properties such as wide band gap, high temperature stability, extreme hardness, chemical inertness, biocompatibility. The deposition and the use of nano-patterned substrates as template in physics and biophysics is a first step to study adhesion of living cells and cell culture for biocompatibility and sensing. The fabrication of Micro Electrical Mechanics Systems (MEMS) with different geometries and patterned substrates for selective deposition can help to study the possibility to realize devices with higher performances. Here we present the growth of cubic silicon carbide nanowires on patterned silicon substrates and on silicon MEMS.
Subject SiC
patterned growth

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