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Musayeva N., Abdullayeva S., Jabbarov R., Attolini G., Calicchio M., Ferrari C., Gombia E. Germanium epitaxy in photovoltaic application. In: LO'2010 - 14 International Conference "Laser Optics 2010" (St.Petersburg, 28/06 - 02/07 2010).
Homoepitaxial Ge layers were deposited by means of Metal Organic Vapur Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE) on Ge using Iso-Butyl Germane (iBuGe) as organic precursor. n-type Ge layers with thickness of about 400 nm were deposited on p-type substrates. In order to passivate the Ge surface, structures such as n-InGaP/n-Ge/p-Ge, n-GaAs/n-Ge/p-Ge and n-GaAs/n-InGaP/n-Ge/p-Ge were deposited. The n-InGaP and n-GaAs act as window layers, while the n-Ge/p-Ge is the active junction. Vertical mesa junctions (500 m diameter) were prepared by using conventional photolithographic techniques. The current-voltage characteristics of the junctions were analyzed, and the influence of the window layer is discussed. It is found that the addition of a InGaP layer, followed by a GaAs contact layer, is effectively improving the characteristic of the Ge/Ge junction. More investigations are needed in order to optimize the thickness of the passivation layer and to reduce the series resistance. The Voc characteristic under an incandescent 100W lamp are better than the one measured under AM1.5 illumination, showing that these structures are good candidate for use in a thermophotovoltaic application.
Subject Germanium

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